Regina P., Legend Oaks

Posted on May 18th, 2010

Writing this testimony was really tougher than I thought it would be. I wanted to comment on so many things - like how enlightening it was to work with you. You were able to help me identify my particular taste and helped me to see color preferences that I didn't even realize I had just by asking me questions like why I liked a rug or a table runner or asking me to point out some of my favorite pieces. I also appreciated how prompt you were and how quickly you turned the plan around. Your attention to detail is incredible! You pulled out features in the home that had gone completely unnoticed before. You assured me that an open floor plan didn't mean one boring color - that each space could be defined with different colors if done correctly. You were correct. I can't believe I can see 5 different colors when I'm standing at my sink and they all work so perfectly together! There was also something reassuring about working with you - I knew from the beginning that I would be totally satisfied with the results. I completely trust your expert opinion on all matters concerning design, color, style, etc. Also, the ROI on this project was amazing. I think you completely nailed my taste and gave me exactly what I wanted, even though I didn't know at the time what I wanted. Absolutely everyone that walks in the house is struck momentarily speechless by the beauty of it all! When they do speak, its all adjectives - like WOW, amazing, incredible, beautiful, etc.,etc., etc. I truly have the WOW factor that I've always wanted. I knew paint was key, but I just didn't know how to put it together! I now have the WOW factor that I have always wanted, thanks to Robin and the paint plan she developed for us. The colors she choose are truly a reflection of my personal taste and perfect for our home. An unexpected surprise was to see how beautifully the new and updated colors work with our existing furniture and accessories. Obscure architectural features now pop and the entire feel of the home is now exciting and dramatic, yet warm and inviting. If you want change, but are not sure where to begin, I would highly recommend a paint plan from Robin. This is by far, the most value I have ever received.