Operation FINALLY HOME: The Barrett Family

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Austin Police Officer Tammy Barrett has spent her life dedicated to serving her country and community. Born in England while her father was serving in the United States Air Force, they moved to Texas where her father completed an honorable career. The youngest of six children, Tammy grew up with a servant’s heart.

After graduating high school, Tammy served in the Army for 10 years with stations in Korea, Kansas, Texas and Germany. After her honorable discharge, she desired to continue serving her community, so she became a state trooper with the Georgia State Police Department. After a tragic automobile accident claimed the life of her brother, Tammy moved to Texas to be closer to family and served with the Austin Police Department for more than 10 years.

In August of 2018, Tammy and her fiancé, Cortney, rented ATVs to explore Lincoln National Forrest. What started as a day filled with adventure turned tragic when Tammy hit a deep rut in the road and lost control of her vehicle, which sped over a 45-foot cliff. After a four-and-a-half-hour rescue, Tammy was taken to a nearby hospital and was diagnosed with several injuries including a severely dislocated spine. Following a 14-hour spine surgery, Tammy remains paralyzed from the waist down and will likely be unable to walk again.

Despite her injuries, Tammy adopted the slogan “Attack the Day” and remains dedicated to her recovery.

Austin Cops for Charities along with Henley Homes and Operation FINALLY HOME are proud to provide Tammy and her family with a custom-built, mortgage-free home in the Austin area.

biography via Operation Finally Home

Your donation to Operation FINALLY HOME will help us furnish the mortgage-free home that will be provided to US Army and Austin PD veteran Tammy Barrett.

How We Got Involved

When it comes to things of the heart, all I can say is, “God is good!” I had been pondering for several months over which charity our firm should partner with to give back to our community in 2019. Our firm has done some things on-and-off in the past, such as renovating the recreation room at Safe Place through the Interior Design Society, giving food donations to the Helping Hands Ministry, having a home gathering to raise awareness and funds for The Refuge for DMST, and gathering funds for Hope for Minds. While we were proud to be able to be a part of these short-term charity events, at the time we were also expending all of the bandwidth our firm had to keep our heads above water and build the business. It occurred to me recently that now it was time to look out to the community to lend a helping hand in a bigger way.

I checked into several great organizations in town and discussed it with the staff, who told me that they were fine with any one of the organizations we had discussed, but I could tell that none of them really made their hearts sing. About a week or two after this discussion, I got a call from Gary Henley with Henley Homes. He asked me if I would be open to helping him with interior design and furnishings on a home being built for a local police officer who had been injured and left paralyzed. He barely made it through two sentences before I blurted out, “Count us in!” Those of you who know me know that I am very patriotic and love our country (4th of July is one of my favorite holidays if that tells you anything). I also have a special place in my heart for those who serve our country and communities. Tammy has done both of these things and so all I can say is, “What a warrior princess!” The icing on the cake was when my staff mirrored my excitement and enthusiasm about this cause as well. It is a perfect fit.

Inspired Designs: SXSW Living Room

unless otherwise specified, all products shown can be purchased as part of your design with robin bond interiors

unless otherwise specified, all products shown can be purchased as part of your design with robin bond interiors

If you actually live in Austin, you might not be as thrilled as the rest of the country this week about South by Southwest (or Austin City Limits later in the year). Traffic is horrible during these times, especially for those who live downtown. Both SXSW and ACL have put Austin on the map in a big way and bring a lot of revenue to the city and so I look at it this way it’s a little easier to buck it up and endure the traffic.

This space is inspired by SXSW, with a focus on the film aspect of the festival. I know that film has come a long way from its original black and white roots, but when I think of films I still think of the old classic Hollywood style glamour. For this space I am doing a twist on that feel by using a black and white base with pops of bold color.

When I think of classic glamour, of course Marilyn Monroe immediately comes to mind, and so the artwork is serving as my inspiration for the rest of this living room.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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Concept to Completion: Dallas Modern Romantic Townhouse (Part 2)

We would like to give a special shout-out to the photographer on this project, Michael Hunter of Michael Hunter Photography, for bringing this beautiful project to life. Room photography is extremely difficult because it is near impossible to capture how a room feels, as I’m sure we have all experienced at some point or another when hoping to purchase a home only to find out that looks completely different online than in person. Michael was able to capture the light and bright feeling of these spaces, and the feeling of happiness that accompanied. You will be seeing much more of his work in the near future, so stay tuned (hint, hint).

Today’s young professionals typically don't have the time to create an environment that will nurture their spirits after working long hours and stressful days, and yet having a space like this to come home to is more important to their well-being than they often realize. A place to relax and recharge is just as important as exercising and eating the right foods.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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