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Most people don't know that I sang in rock and roll bands in my teens and early 20's. As a result, I still love leather, animal and reptile skins, fringe, bling and everything else that goes with both edgy fashion and edgy design. I hold back, of course, when I know I have a client who is not on board with the idea of a touch of the unexpected. It is my natural tendency, though, to want to incorporate something that will add that extra wow factor to a space.

This is one of my favorite spaces. My client, Andrew, had this large vintage poster in the space already, and that served as the inspiration for the rest of the room. I love the fact that in this case, the client already had the edgy element, and so the rest of the space had no choice but to follow suit. The cocktail table is made from a piece of glass sitting on top of a "church truck," which is used to move caskets. Instead of opting for the standard hum drum neutral furniture we also pulled two of the dominant colors out of the poster.

You can see the rest of the photos from this project in our gallery here. Thank you, Andrew, for putting your trust in me.

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TexasLiving Magazine Feature!

We made the cover again!

I recently came into the office one afternoon after being out on appointments all day, and the first thing I saw was a TexasLiving magazine on the coffee table in our lobby. It immediately jumped out to me that I knew that house. My brain quickly computed that a beach house I designed for one of our amazing clients was on the cover.

I looked in the magazine and quickly realized that we did not just get a one page article but rather a nice seven page spread. It was such a joy creating this project for the Shadrock family.  This client always lets us do our job and other than giving us instruction on style direction she let us design the whole thing right down to the last accessory.  The result is a peaceful and beautiful place where their family will be making wonderful memories for years to come.

Click the photo to read the full article!

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Work in Progress: West Lake Hills Black and Gold Condo

This condo project for our senator client has been delayed some and so we likely will not have the after photos for you until early next year. We would, however, like to share our fantastic space plans that better utilize the living room and bedroom spaces. All projects should start with a good space plan to assure that all of the furniture functions optimally and fits properly. Scale and proper clearances are critical to proper design. One of the biggest mistakes I see when coming to new client's homes is furniture that is too over-scaled for their space or that they have too much furniture in a space. I am all for maximizing space with functional furniture but not to the point that the feel of the room is compromised.  

As you will tell from this before picture our client's TV was too large for the area that it's located. Also, when you walked into his home the first thing you saw was the back of a TV.  He wanted to move the TV over the fireplace, but in this case the TV was also too over-scaled to go there. I am not a big fan of TVs over fireplaces anyway, so I was kind of glad to hear that. This often causes them to be installed too high for comfortable viewing and it takes away from the look of the fireplace as a beautiful focal point.  

Our client paid a lot for his TV and so did not want to get rid of it for a smaller unit. Our solution was to create two separate focal points in the room with the TV on one end and the fireplace on the other. The adjacent wall was plenty large enough to accommodate the TV. Our plan is to also take down the pony wall dividing the entrance from the living to create more of a bench height height wall. This will open up the area to not only make the condo feel more spacious but to also allow the beauty of the main rooms in the condo to be taken in as soon as you enter the door.  

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The master bedroom is huge, and his current furniture seems to rattle around in the large space. Our client loves to read and has a few bookcases in his living room currently, but since they are on the wall where the new TV stand will be going, we suggested moving the bookcases into the bedroom, along with a small seating area, to create a comfortable place for him to read that will allow him to further enjoy his bedroom, and allows us to utilize the entire space in a functional way:

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