Work in Progress: Lake Austin Spanish Rustic Elegance

At any given time, between our drapery company and design company, we typically have an average of 20 ongoing projects at various stages of completion. These projects range from straight forward window covering projects all the way to ground-up new construction, and many times we see the latter all the way through from construction selections to final furnishings. Along these same lines, another type of project we always seem to have going is a whole or partial house remodel. There are so many great older areas in Austin like Hyde Park, Tarrytown or in this case, on Lake Austin.

We are currently working with JC Gallagher and Louis Sanchez at Watermark & Co. to update and add on to our client's lovely older home right on the water. By moving their stairs, it opens up the view from the front door all the way through to the water when entering the house. A fantastic game room will also be added upstairs. Follow this project along as we rearrange our client's amazing art collection, add some new furnishings and transform this already lovely home.

Using our client's art collection as inspiration we will design and supply new furnishings to accompany all of the changes and additions going on in this home. We have completed the interior furnishing space plan and they love it just as much as we do! The installation and interior photo reveal should be coming up early to mid-summer, but we will post some images of the beautiful interior furnishing selections as they are installed into the home.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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