Work in Progress: Meridian Contemporary Glam

There is a new section in the Meridian here in Austin Texas that is open to custom builders and, more importantly, has a contemporary style dominating that section. It is not easy to find contemporary architecture in the suburbs. This area is a hidden gem to those who don't know about it.

We are currently working with a wonderful couple building such a custom house, and have almost finalized all construction selections.  They have gone with a peaceful gray palette of interior finishes that have a slightly glamorous vibe to it. True to most Austin interiors, though, this home will also have a few rustic and casual elements to keep the home from feeling too stuffy.


The interior furnishing space plan has been completed and approved, and so now it's on to interior furnishing selections. The installation and interior photo reveal should be coming up early summer, but we will post some images of the beautiful interior furnishing selections as they are installed into the home.

Right now the house is in the framing stages, and we invite you to follow our blog throughout the year to watch this beauty come to life, from framing all the way to the placement of the last lamp. This client hired us early in the construction phase and will continue on with us through to interiors which will allow us to create a beautiful home cohesive home for them designed to enjoy and entertain friends and family on a regular basis.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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