Top 10 Design Trends of 2019

I’d love to start out the new year by sharing with you all a few of the interior design trends coming out of the Maison & Object Parisian interior show, Dallas Market Center, and the design world in general.

It is often said there is nothing new under the sun, and nowhere is this more true than with fashion and interior design. This year’s trends are a mash-up of trends we have all seen at some point in the past. While I am glad that some of these are coming back, others should have just died and stayed dead. The first thing that comes to mind is the gaudy floral wallpapers and fabrics that were so popular in the 1980’s. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I just can't do this one and will not be recommending it to my clients. I did predict last year that after several years of stark gray interiors, maximalism would start to show up in full force, and you all know I love a bold and exciting design, but the floral-thrown-up-on-everything look is just way too much even for me. Now, that’s not to say that I never use floral prints in my designs at all, but if I do, I prefer it on a pillow or simple drapery panel to establish a color palette and so the eye has time to rest.

Here are 10 interior design trends that are just now starting to creep their way in and I encourage you to try some of these out in your next project!


1 Terrazo

I personally LOVE this one. I remember the entryway of my home growing up in San Antonio had this type of flooring. My parents had a lot of other mid-century modern decor, and the mid-century look has been popular again for some time now. I am seeing things go in an Art Deco direction, but throwing in clean lines and modern design is never a bad thing.

2. Statement Ceilings

7700 TX71 Unit 100-large-015-29-Robin Bond Interiors 031-668x1000-72dpi.jpg

This is another trend I am loving. I have been painting ceilings for years and people often look at me like I have two heads when I suggest it.

3. Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

I am only mentioning this one since it technically is an incoming trend but as I said earlier, I hate it and won’t be suggesting it for my clients. Although when you make custom designs I guess we can really never say never right?

4. Dark Walls (specifically black and dark green)

Those of you that know me very well know that I have always loved black. My office is black and it is the most peaceful space ever. I also painted the walls in my own house a dark green that is almost black probably 5 years ago (how is that for being ahead of the trends?). If you are hesitant to take the plunge for full-on black, you can get a similar look that shows up a bit more green with Mallard Green by Benjamin Moore.

5. Light Wood Flooring


This is a practical trend since lighter wood flooring is easier to maintain. Dark wood flooring is beautiful, but also shows every footprint and spec of dust. This originally depressing and dingy basement space was transformed into a light and airy nautical guest retreat, with a lot of help from the beautiful light floors.

6. White rooms with bold color

I prefer color to neutral any day of the week and putting it up against white is the best.


7. Art Deco

I am seeing Art Deco lines showing up everywhere from jewelry, fashion and on to interiors.

8. Plants are back!

Here, again, let's not over do it like we did in the 1990’s but a little life in a room is nice. I typically like to have one or two plants or florals in my designs. If the conditions are right, live plants will always look the best, but typically growing conditions are not good in homes. This is where quality artificial plants like the ones our firm carries are beneficial, and one of our long-time favorite lines is NDI (Natural Decorations, Inc.). Their plants are so lifelike that one of my clients recently realized her housekeeper had been watering a tree she purchased from us thinking it was real!

9.  Rattan

I am working on a master bedroom space right now using these lime green chairs. The bold colors and styles that are available make it so rattan pieces can be used in a variety of different designs now rather than the typical tropical feel that most people think of with this type of furniture.

Glamorous Teen Room.jpg

10. Gold and mixed metals

Gold is still going strong, and mixing metals is more popular than ever. I designed this room a few years back, and the next year at market everything was hunter green and gold! When my client's teenagers request specific colors or styles, I know it is never long before we start seeing them trend.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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