Concept to Completion: The Preserve at Thomas Springs Contemporary Escape

Our clients Stacey & Brandon were building a beautiful custom home off of Thomas Springs road when Stacey approached us to furnish their home. They had invested a lot into their great landscaping and curb appeal, and now she had decided it was “time to make the inside look like the outside.” Similar to most of our clients, Brandon and Stacey are both busy professionals who love to entertain, but just don't have the time or desire to decorate their home. Stacey has a great sense of humor and flat told us at our first meeting that decorating is not her thing and if left up to her, likely nothing would get furnished. Also like many of our clients, they had recently started achieving new levels of success and were transitioning to a more luxurious lifestyle. This can be a tough transition to make when you think about where we all started from and how one day that Pottery Barn sofa seems great and the next day it seems like it’s not good enough. Thankfully, Stacey and Brandon were already noticing this and they felt like this home called for more attention to be paid to the décor and wanted nicer furnishings than most of what is out on the retail market.

This beautiful new custom home was a perfect blank slate just waiting to be space planned and properly furnished. Stacey had previously hired a designer to help her with an accent paint color and window coverings for the dining and living, and while the designer did a great job with these two things, Stacey was really looking for a turn-key solution that they were not able to offer. Since the work that had already been done was beautiful, we stuck with the same color palette of blues and whites with a gray neutral base.

We hope you enjoy these before and after photos of Stacey and Brandon’s home. It has been completely transformed into a peaceful oasis for relaxation and entertaining, and her bedroom is probably my favorite one that we have done so far. Stacey is a busy realtor that also offices out of the home so they were very ready to get the house furnished so that they could entertain both clients and friends, and just enjoy their home.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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