Work in Progress: Lake Austin Spanish Rustic Elegance

At any given time, between our drapery company and design company, we typically have an average of 20 ongoing projects at various stages of completion. These projects range from straight forward window covering projects all the way to ground-up new construction, and many times we see the latter all the way through from construction selections to final furnishings. Along these same lines, another type of project we always seem to have going is a whole or partial house remodel. There are so many great older areas in Austin like Hyde Park, Tarrytown or in this case, on Lake Austin.

We are currently working with JC Gallagher and Louis Sanchez at Watermark & Co. to update and add on to our client's lovely older home right on the water. By moving their stairs, it opens up the view from the front door all the way through to the water when entering the house. A fantastic game room will also be added upstairs. Follow this project along as we rearrange our client's amazing art collection, add some new furnishings and transform this already lovely home.

Using our client's art collection as inspiration we will design and supply new furnishings to accompany all of the changes and additions going on in this home. We have completed the interior furnishing space plan and they love it just as much as we do! The installation and interior photo reveal should be coming up early to mid-summer, but we will post some images of the beautiful interior furnishing selections as they are installed into the home.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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Work in Progress: Meridian Contemporary Glam

There is a new section in the Meridian here in Austin Texas that is open to custom builders and, more importantly, has a contemporary style dominating that section. It is not easy to find contemporary architecture in the suburbs. This area is a hidden gem to those who don't know about it.

We are currently working with a wonderful couple building such a custom house, and have almost finalized all construction selections.  They have gone with a peaceful gray palette of interior finishes that have a slightly glamorous vibe to it. True to most Austin interiors, though, this home will also have a few rustic and casual elements to keep the home from feeling too stuffy.


The interior furnishing space plan has been completed and approved, and so now it's on to interior furnishing selections. The installation and interior photo reveal should be coming up early summer, but we will post some images of the beautiful interior furnishing selections as they are installed into the home.

Right now the house is in the framing stages, and we invite you to follow our blog throughout the year to watch this beauty come to life, from framing all the way to the placement of the last lamp. This client hired us early in the construction phase and will continue on with us through to interiors which will allow us to create a beautiful home cohesive home for them designed to enjoy and entertain friends and family on a regular basis.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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New Year, New Space: Rustic Elegance

One of my clients wanted to update her guest rooms, and already had a couple of nice bed frames and one dresser that could be used as a good base. Other than that, she just gave me the instruction that she wanted a shabby chic style for one bedroom, and that I could do whatever I wanted with the other (I love clients that tell me that!).

In the second guest bedroom she previously had a faux painter use a metallic paint on the ceiling, and while as a rule faux painting on walls is a dated look, we are still seeing some metallics and so rather than paint over it, I chose to use it as inspiration. The bed frames that she already owned were perfect for the shabby chic room, and for what I had in mind for this room, but they were in the wrong rooms, so we flipped them at her delivery!

I started the space with a gorgeous luxury bedding set from Eastern Accents. I rarely use pre-assembled sets, but this one was just to die for and there was not one thing I would have changed about it. Most times I tend to mix-and-match various pieces to come up with the exact look that I am going for, and this also makes for a more custom appearance to the set. I love Eastern Accents, though, for both their quality and that their bedding sets are frequently discontinued. That may actually sound like a negative thing at first, but it means that in cases like this one where I do specify a complete bedding set I know that the chances of my client's bedding showing up in another home nearby are next to none.

The finished mood of the space came out warm with a rustic elegance to it that lends itself well to a more masculine taste, which gives a nice complement to the feminine shabby chic guest room down the hall. I love a lot of different things about this room, but the horn chair is for sure one of everyone's favorite elements. This home is located in Helotes, and coupled with my clients' love for hunting, that chair was the perfect choice to finish out the space.

Designing spaces you love to live in,