Design Style: Color Blocking

Vintage inspired Master Bedroom in Green.jpg

I love to use color blocking to add wow factor and repetition to a space. Typically, I will color block with the dominant color in the palette that I am using. I may not always use it in the stereotypical “block” format that people are used to seeing, but the concept is still the same…repeat chunks of the same dominant color.

For this space you can see that I color blocked the teal green color throughout the room. This color palette continues to flow through the client’s entire house in varying degrees of vibrancy.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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Design Style: Fearless Color

If I have any say in the matter, I will always push for color over neutral interiors. Neutrals are certainly a safer bet, and if you are looking for a low-stress and peaceful environment, then perhaps a neutral interior is the way to go. I think, however, that a lot of people tend to go that route because they believe the style will not date as quickly as a bolder color palette. This is not true at all!

Different types and shades of neutrals trend in and out just as much as color trends do. Remember when not that long ago, warm golden neutrals were all the rage with the popular Tuscan look? Boy, did that trend die hard. Now the gray neutrals seem equally as popular and so will most likely die a hard death as well. There is no guarantee that your space will stay current, even when going with neutrals.

Personally, I think the safest design styles are the classics; black and white with pops of color, blue and white, or even some other color that no one else has had the guts to go with, such as my client, Yvette's, famous living room. The project started when she sent me some of her mother's vintage fabric from the 70's that she had been keeping for years and asked me to design the space around it. This beautiful fabric is the bold pink and orange geometric print on the pillows in the photo, and what would you expect when starting with a fabric like that? There was no way that anything but a bold design was going to properly showcase this fabric, and when that happens you just have to go with the flow and opt for all-out color.

Check out her video testimony with her twin sister here, along with the full gallery of what has become one of my absolute favorite projects. She talks about how freaked out she was when I first sent her the design, how she got a little help from her sister to let go and trust me, and then how much she ended up loving the space after everything was said and done. This space is what I would consider timeless because there is really no particular trend driving this design. It is completely unique, inspired by Yvette (and her mom), and will continue to look fabulous even after the gray trend has been long dead and replaced by several other iterations of the next must-have neutral.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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Design Style: Edgy Elements

13_Living 2.jpg

Most people don't know that I sang in rock and roll bands in my teens and early 20's. As a result, I still love leather, animal and reptile skins, fringe, bling and everything else that goes with both edgy fashion and edgy design. I hold back, of course, when I know I have a client who is not on board with the idea of a touch of the unexpected. It is my natural tendency, though, to want to incorporate something that will add that extra wow factor to a space.

This is one of my favorite spaces. My client, Andrew, had this large vintage poster in the space already, and that served as the inspiration for the rest of the room. I love the fact that in this case, the client already had the edgy element, and so the rest of the space had no choice but to follow suit. The cocktail table is made from a piece of glass sitting on top of a "church truck," which is used to move caskets. Instead of opting for the standard hum drum neutral furniture we also pulled two of the dominant colors out of the poster.

You can see the rest of the photos from this project in our gallery here. Thank you, Andrew, for putting your trust in me.

Designing spaces you love to live in,

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