Top Trends of 2018: Interiors

Just a few of the interior trends coming on the scene in 2018 are large scale floral patterns, fringe and tribal motifs. Some of the continuing trends from the past several years include metallics, with gold (yes, gold… bet you never thought you’d see this one back again) as the most popular metal finish this year. We are still seeing a lot of reclaimed wood and macrame textures this year as well.

The grays that have been so popular for the past five to seven years were due to an economic depression followed by a fairly flat economy. Most people do not realize that both fashion and interior trends tend to follow what is going on in the world and in the economy. Design has just come off of a run of minimalism and sleek clean lines. We are still seeing the cleaner lines but we are about to move into interiors that are once again layered with a lot of bold color choices coming on the scene for both fashion and interior design. Gray tones are still preferred to the warm neutrals but some of them are slowly making their way back. If you feel safer with neutrals then I suggest at least adding one color to the mix to get on the maximalist band wagon that is around the corner.

The stock market is booming, taxes are lower and so we are sensing a great year for both business and individuals.


This look has been popular for years now but as we become more and more global in the sense of imports, exports and business this look will not be going away. I love bringing in tribal, global and ethnic products & patterns into any type of design style. The patterns are amazing and they immediately add a sense of warmth.



I have never been much of a floral girl since many of them tend to have a “grandma” feel to them. Even if you are a grandma, they are saying that 70 is the new 60 and so there is no reason that your home needs to feel old or worn out. A lot of the new floral prints like the ones below are bolder and less frilly, which allows them to work in any space without making your spouse feel like he should move out. Floral motifs are also showing up in artwork and new amazing prints on rugs that are funky and a fantastic way to get inspired for a whole room color palette that will not be for the shy or faint at heart.

java jive_multi.jpg


Okay, so I am an Austin girl and still a hippie at heart. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that macrame and fringe is back. These touches are groovy and add that edginess that I tend to be drawn toward when designing spaces. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


Designing spaces you love to live in,

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