Top Trends of 2018: Drapery

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I am so glad to see double traversing drapery gaining in popularity again. There is nothing better for bedrooms. The sheer allows for filtered privacy light during the day and the blackout drapery gives you optimal sleep. In new construction, take the opportunity to hide the hardware if possible and motorize the drapery with your home automation system for added ease of operation.

Decorative tape is showing up on both drapery and furniture like crazy. Tapes have always been a nice way to punch up simple drapery designs, but this embellishment is actually trending more so than normal right now. This simple rope tape adds texture and interest to otherwise plain panels.

The fringe trend that is showing up everywhere else is also showing up on drapery. I love accenting the bottom of a drapery panel or shower curtain with a row of fringe. It dresses things up a little without seeming too ornate.

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Top Trends of 2018: Interiors

Just a few of the interior trends coming on the scene in 2018 are large scale floral patterns, fringe and tribal motifs. Some of the continuing trends from the past several years include metallics, with gold (yes, gold… bet you never thought you’d see this one back again) as the most popular metal finish this year. We are still seeing a lot of reclaimed wood and macrame textures this year as well.

The grays that have been so popular for the past five to seven years were due to an economic depression followed by a fairly flat economy. Most people do not realize that both fashion and interior trends tend to follow what is going on in the world and in the economy. Design has just come off of a run of minimalism and sleek clean lines. We are still seeing the cleaner lines but we are about to move into interiors that are once again layered with a lot of bold color choices coming on the scene for both fashion and interior design. Gray tones are still preferred to the warm neutrals but some of them are slowly making their way back. If you feel safer with neutrals then I suggest at least adding one color to the mix to get on the maximalist band wagon that is around the corner.

The stock market is booming, taxes are lower and so we are sensing a great year for both business and individuals.


This look has been popular for years now but as we become more and more global in the sense of imports, exports and business this look will not be going away. I love bringing in tribal, global and ethnic products & patterns into any type of design style. The patterns are amazing and they immediately add a sense of warmth.



I have never been much of a floral girl since many of them tend to have a “grandma” feel to them. Even if you are a grandma, they are saying that 70 is the new 60 and so there is no reason that your home needs to feel old or worn out. A lot of the new floral prints like the ones below are bolder and less frilly, which allows them to work in any space without making your spouse feel like he should move out. Floral motifs are also showing up in artwork and new amazing prints on rugs that are funky and a fantastic way to get inspired for a whole room color palette that will not be for the shy or faint at heart.

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Okay, so I am an Austin girl and still a hippie at heart. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that macrame and fringe is back. These touches are groovy and add that edginess that I tend to be drawn toward when designing spaces. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


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Top Trends of 2018: Colors

Nothing dates a home more than color trends, but whether you realize it or not, you will likely be drawn to the latest trends. It is also next to impossible to find fabrics for colors that are not trending. What I have found is that if I use just one color that is trending and mix it with something more timeless, that space is going to have a longer life. People are always asking me when they are selecting a color palette, “Is this going to end up looking dated?” I always answer truthfully and the answer is most often “yes”. Most color combination palettes have an average life span of about 10 years and some might be able to stretch to 15 years if it is a great combination. If a timeless combination just happens to be trending (like blue and white is right now) and that is your cup of tea then your space will have a long span that might just need to be tweaked here and there.


I started out designing my own spaces from the time I moved out of my parents’ house, and I always seemed to use black and white as a base. As I am getting older, I have made up my mind that my final home will, once again, have a black and white base. Black and white is not only timeless but also tends to trend fairly regularly. Pair it with a pop of color such as red, yellow or lime green and you will not tire easily of this type of dramatic contrasting combination.

The yearly color trends do impact everything from fashion to interiors. Here are just a few that are my top picks for 2018.

As I mentioned black and white before, you’ll know that I am very excited that PPG Paint’s color of the year is a black. Black Flame is a little bit of a twist, though, since it has undertones of deep purple. Interior product manufacturers are still trying to get the public to be bold enough to go with purples in their home, and this is another attempt. We are also starting to see a lot of fabric books coming in with some beautiful dusty purples that are not too extreme. If your favorite color is purple then now is the time to have this palette implemented in your home in a sophisticated way.

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I do have one such brave client who is pulling some purple and deep blue tones into her whole house color palette. It is going to be fabulous. I will start releasing some construction phase photos before too long and the furnishings should be photographed this summer.

My office has black walls and I love it. I feel like I am working in a peaceful cocoon. People are always afraid that dark walls will make a space feel small and closed-in, but that’s really not true at all. Dark colors actually reflect light and allow furniture and artwork to pop.

I paired a bright lemon yellow with the black in my office which pops like popcorn. The yellow is cheerful and extremely opposite of the black. If there is any fear of a black space being dreary, add in some lemon yellow and voila, there is suddenly not a chance the space will feel dreary.

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, Caliente, is a true red, which is a classic that I just love. It’s often seen as a part of Chinese design and also pairs well with black and white. I am predicting that this red is going to be a big hit, and will be a safe bet that will age well. It will stick around even longer if used alone with white, or black and white. Everyone was so OVER that rusty red that was paired with gold and was oh so popular about 15 or so years ago. Admit it… you remember it and probably even had it in your home. All of us who loved design had this combination, which unfortunately died about as hard as it trended, and now no one will touch that combination with a 10 foot pole. No worries with this new red, though. It will not look dated in the least.

Renee is always mentioning that we tend to be ahead of the trends around our office. The room that we featured in our newsletter to kick off the new year has a version of the color below as the dominant color in the palette we used for her family room. Little did we know when we put the room together in late summer of 2017 that we would already be on-trend for 2018.

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