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Thank you for your interest in Robin Bond Interiors. Our firm specializes in working with busy people on full-service room design with an emphasis on complete rooms, groups of rooms and whole house projects. Although some of our clients do their projects in phases our full service design service does not lend itself to selling our clients one-off individual furnishings or accessories. Full-service design is for those who are looking for a professional design team to handle all of the details from research and selection to procurement and delivery so that you are able to step into beautiful complete spaces. The investment for this service is a design fee in conjunction with a furnishing budget.

As your designer we feel that it is important to listen, review all your images and feedback, and then respond in a way that filters your desires through the best of our trained aesthetic and practical experience. We take on a design project much like a great actor takes on a role; the actor must fully research his character until he feels at one with the person he is portraying. We do much of the same with our process and feel that once we understand a client, it becomes possible to make design choices in sync with the path on which we are sent. There are times when a project will evolve seamlessly, and other times that it may take a few revisions to our plan to get the appropriate end result.

Robin takes pride in the fact that our work is not easily identified. Interior design is not just about creating tasteful, beautiful spaces. It's a large part of it, yes, but we enjoy getting to know the people we work for and our main goal is to create something fabulous for you that is a reflection of your family's identity and that you can live with for years to come.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to provide us with the requested information . We look forward to learning more about your project and meeting you in person.

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If yes, please indicate who the designer was (if you are comfortable sharing this) and what you liked or disliked about the experience working with that designer. If no, what made you interested in working with one for this project?
Every design firm works a little differently. If you are interviewing other design firms, we suggest that you ask questions about how they work and what their fees are. Our industry is a creative industry, but it is also a very technical one. The implementation and technical side is just as important as the creative side. Our firm has business systems in place for quality control in every step of the process. We are not perfect, but we do find that these systems help to prevent a lot of mistakes and allow our projects to run more smoothly.
Note: Furnishings budgets are based on designing a 16' X 20' living room from scratch. Our firm believes in sustainable design. We welcome any existing furnishings you would like to work into your home and especially like working with items that have special meaning to you. In some cases, we will give you an explanation as to why we don not think a particular item will work.
We mentioned earlier in this questionnaire that only 10% of the population can visualize a finished space. This is a very small percentage of the population. Only about half of that percentage will have an ability to then apply the elements and principles of design to actually create harmony in a space. Our firm utilizes an industry-specific project management system called Studio Designer to specify and manage all interior furnishings. Since our industry is so visual, it makes sense that everything in this system is associated with an image of any furnishing that will be specified for your project. This allows our clients to visually see all of the elements we are recommending for their space. Your designer may also have sketched out some of the wall, table or bookcase arrangements during the design process. We like to call these our messy drawings since they are produced more so for the purposes of allowing your designer to plan out these elements. These rough drawings are not perfect in proportion or scale, but we will typically include them as a part of the presentation to better help you visualize. If you want or need more than these sketches, 2D and 3D renderings can be created for you. If you don't feel that formal renderings are necessary then there will take a certain level of trust that your designer can put it all together for you. *
Our proposals are interactive. At the time your furnishing project is presented, you will be given a design link to be able to access the presentation as an interactive client portal at any time to send us messages and to follow the progress of your project from the presentation phase all the way to the installation phase. If you think that you will need a better visual representation than what Studio Designer can provide, or if you want to be totally comfortable with how the whole space will look before placing your orders, then please note that you would like renderings below: