When it comes to working with interior furnishings, there are 13 principles and elements of design. It is much easier for our firm to take your design wishes and desires into consideration based on the information provided in this questionnaire, and then select the room's furnishings off of these principles and elements to create a harmonious final space. Creating harmony in spaces is not as easy as it seems. You may have a lot of pretty things in a room and yet it can still feel chaotic, or something may not feel comfortable or right. We take things into consideration such as scale, proportion, balance and rhythm (to name a few) to assure that every space we create feels great to live in. There is also a lot of intuition and artistic ability your designer has in order to be able to edit and know if an item will work with your design or if it will not.

When furnishings are presented to you during this phase we certainly understand that there may be a few products your designer recommends that you do not like and you may feel need to be re-selected, but we ask that you try to be as open-minded as possible. We have a saying in our office that if every element in a room is fabulous, then nothing is fabulous. Some pieces are meant to be simple and allow the eyes to rest, or they just need to perform a function. All of the items in an interior interact with each other to create that harmonious end result.

Our questionnaire process is so comprehensive that, on average, 95% of the furnishings we specify for our clients are right in line with our clients' styles and wishes. If there are any items that need re-selecting, we can typically do so quickly and our firm offers up to 1 hour complimentary to do so.

As mentioned in our preliminary complimentary consultation questionnaire, we ask that you complete this additional questionnaire to provide us with the necessary detail so that we may create a custom design suited to your needs and style. We promise, once you provide us with this additional information, we will take it from there and make the rest a piece of cake. This questionnaire will take some time on your part to complete, and we will ask for personal background information, detailed budget information and design information. We do this because your home is a huge investment and since each client is different, designing for each person is going to be different as well. This is your home, where you live and will make some of your most meaningful life memories. We have been designing spaces since 2003. We have our process down pat with the end goal of creating beautiful harmonious environments for our clients. The information we gather from both the preliminary and this questionnaire is the foundation from which we build. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and share your thoughts.

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Spouse Name (if applicable)
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Accessories are the jewelry of a room. These pieces allow a designer to create rhythm and harmony in a space by balancing color throughout a room. Are you open in regard to accessories? Note that our firm tends to believe in the "less is more" approach for accessories and will typically recommend items that are larger and make an impact versus a lot of clutter. Please check any item types you are open to considering for your space: *
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