New Year, New Space: Eclectic Mix

Years ago, back in the dark ages when the red and gold phase we previously discussed was in full swing, I had quite a bit of it in my home. As the trends changed, since I hadn't gone with a more classic palette (like black and white) my house began to feel dated and I just couldn't have that! I decided to begin creating a lighter and more open feel by adding in some brighter greens and more white. I replaced my window coverings in my breakfast and family and I put some of our fabulous upholstered furniture pieces into the family room. I also added a dramatic dark green paint that is almost black as an accent color in my living room. There is nothing quite like white and bold color to suddenly make a space feel fresh and new.

While writing this post I actually came across some Christmas photos that I had taken some years back, and you can get a peek into the starting point for this style transformation. I love that this is a great example of how you don't have to start from scratch if you ever want to change up your style, and there are even easy ways of doing it in phases without making your home feel like there are two completely different styles competing with each other. Check out the transformation timeline!

A few of the things I love the most about this open space is the large dramatic cornice board that draws your eyes out to our greenbelt. I previously had it red and was able to have it recovered rather than starting from scratch. I am a zebra freak and so needless to say, the zebra wall hanging in my living room is one of my favorite pieces of art ever and has stood the test of time with me through all of my style transformations (you can see him in quite a few of the photos above).

My breakfast table and chairs were feeling tired to me and just didn't have that pop that I love, so I refinished them! Taking old, worn furniture and re-purposing it into something fun and current is a great way to add new life to something that otherwise might be thrown out. It has now become a conversation piece that I get comments on regularly.

I am a green person, and most likely will always have some form of green in my home. It is the color of nature (which I also love) and evokes peace. I am a fast paced-person and so when I get home in the evening I want to relax and be in an environment that makes me feel relaxed.

Designing spaces you (and I) love to live in,