Interior Design - $135 per hour ($175 for two designers)

  • Phone, email, and in-person consultation

  • Initial measuring for an accurate space plan

  • Product recommendations including artwork, furnishings, accessories, and window treatments

  • Staging and installation appointments

Interior Digital Design - $100 per hour

  • Digital floor plan diagrams that display how furniture will fit into a room

  • 3-D furnished room renderings

Interior Design Support - $85 per hour

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Construction Finish-Out creation

  • Trade partner referrals

Construction Design - $175 per hour ($225 for two designers)

  • Phone, email, and in-person consultation

  • Initial measuring if required (or architectural plans)

  • Selection appointments at various showrooms

  • On-site visits required before, during, or after construction

Construction Digital Design - $125 per hour

  • 3-D cabinet designs

  • 2-D and 3-D tile layout diagrams

Construction Design Support - $100 per hour

  • Showroom Appointment scheduling

  • Construction Finish-Out creation

  • Trade partner referrals

Picture Installation

Often we recommend bringing in an outside installer to assist with picture hanging, especially in conjunction with our design services. The extra assistance allows us to provide efficient service with safe and reliable installations.



We'll schedule a complimentary in-office consultation with Robin, and email you a questionnaire that will allow us to learn more about you and your design needs. After your appointment, we will send you an itemized scope of work to estimate each detail of your design project along with a second questionnaire with more in-depth information regarding lifestyle and budget.

Phase 2 - DESIGN

Robin will come out to your home to take photos and any needed measurements, and then soon after you will be sent a proposed furniture layout for your space and will review custom furniture and fabric selections with you in our office. Once these have been finalized, Robin will make all of your interior selections and we will upload everything to an interactive client portal that you will utilize throughout your project. If this is a new build or remodel project, prior to creating a space plan we will arrange a meeting with you, Robin, your builder, and your architect (if you have one) to get a construction timeline. Then you and Robin will visit various showrooms to make all the necessary construction selections for your project before starting on the interior.


We will place all product orders and coordinate any on-site construction or measure appointments needed. Orders will be regularly tracked, and you will be able to follow along through your client portal so you will always know what is going on with your project. All of your furnishings will ship to a white glove receiver to be inspected and stored until your final delivery. We will handle all damages, replacements, and other shipping or receiving issues that arise behind the scenes so that everything is perfect and ready for delivery.


Once all of your items have been received and have passed our strict quality guidelines, we will coordinate your final delivery and installation appointment. Robin will meet the delivery company at your appointment to assist them with proper furniture and rug placements, supervise the drapery and art installations with our installer, and professionally stage all of your accessories for a beautiful finished look.


Several years ago our firm expanded our services nationally to clients seeking interiors with our Austin flair for secondary residences and furnished short-term rental properties by developing our room online system, which allows us to virtually design spaces from our Austin office and then source, deliver and install with the help of local resources in different parts of the country. To create your ideal space, we will request room photos and measurements, and with our digital design services you will be able to see 3-D renderings of your new space to ensure you are thrilled with the design. Our 3-D renderings allow our long distance clients to see and approve designs from any location prior to ordering. Our firm has resources available to receive and deliver your product anywhere in the United States, and we will handle all ordering, receiving, installation and deliveries needed for your project, so that no matter where you call home our help is just a click away.



There are many decisions that go into furnishing a luxury home or condo, and the larger your home is, the more complex it becomes. Each selection affects the next and it can quickly become overwhelming. This, complicated by the fact that most of our clients would prefer to spend time with their families when not busy working or running a household, can make finding the time to create a beautiful home environment near impossible. Our expertise is efficiently sourcing and specifying furnishings that ensure the best use of space planning, proper scale and in the end, a beautiful and harmonious living environment. We have access to quality and unique items that are not readily available to the retail public. The ability to handle multiple rooms or whole house furnishings at once is where we shine.

We utilize a project management system tailored to the interior design industry, through which we are able to plan complete rooms and whole house projects with ease. We work best with clients who prefer to have little involvement in the design process but are seeking a beautiful and comfortable environment in which to live or conduct business. We always try to incorporate our clients' existing heirloom or sentimental pieces as much as possible to further showcase the individuality of each of our designs. We find that our strength is to do our research upfront to get inside our clients' heads and come up with something special and unique to their style and personality. We will also be candid when existing pieces are not working in a space due to improper scale, or in cases that there is an overabundance of furnishings in order to bring out the harmonious end result we aim to achieve.

Often times our clients want our help from the time they start working with an architect to build their dream home or commercial space all the way through to the last accessory. This is an extremely smart decision, as we know how stressful new construction or remodel projects can be, and working with an organized designer to schedule and organize the construction selections will greatly reduce the stress of this process. For new construction and remodeling projects, our firm offers consultation on hard goods selections such as lighting, hardware, counters, flooring, tile, wallpaper, appliances, doors and windows, cabinetry, and plumbing fixtures. We work well collaborating with your architect and builder to complement what they do as we all have different areas of strength. The sooner we are able to get involved with a project, the better the final outcome will be.

"I love to create spaces for my clients that are luxurious, individual and distinctive, combining contemporary lines, edgy elements, and fearless color or bold contrast." - Robin Bond

“Robin and her team are so professional and listened to my needs to improve the look and feel of my home. I loved their ideas and I LOVE the results. They added beauty and comfort to my home. I am so thankful I met Robin long time ago and would HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you Robin for making my house into a home!!!!”